What if my requirements are a little different, and/or not related to the web hosting industry?

You can still let us know what tutorials you'd like to see us produce (by posting your request in the Tutorial Requests Form), however if we decide there isn't enough of a demand from our client base to warrant creating the tutorials, we likely won't be in a hurry to develop them for the masses. In that case, you still have the Custom Tutorial option. Either way, we'll let you know by responding to your request.

Does that mean I can't get the tutorials I want?
No! It just means the tutorials you want would be considered "custom". We can still provide you with a custom quote for the tutorials you want, they'll just likely cost a little more. The cost of custom tutorials would be more than if they were standard tutorials offered for sale on our website, but they would be fully customized per your instructions. For more information, please see our Custom Tutorial page.

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