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Video Support Tutorials to Help Your Clients

If you work for a Web Hosting Company or run your own hosting business, then you could benefit from having Video Support Tutorials in your website. You likely spend considerable time helping clients with mundane tasks like how to set up email accounts and forwarders in cPanel or Plesk, or how to update nameserver settings at, or even how to use Filezilla or File Manager to upload files to their account. Wouldn't it be great if your clients could get this help themselves, so they don't have to contact you?

Maybe you're a Web Developer who works with WordPress, and need to teach your clients how to get around the WordPress dashboard once you hand the project over to them. Imagine if you could just give them access to a library of video support tutorials so they can learn at their own pace?

We produce video support tutorials that go in your website - to help support your clients.

Drastically Reduce Your Support Costs!

By putting our video support tutorials in your website's support pages, your clients will be able to get the support they need themselves, without having to contact you for help. They'll simply click a video to watch and learn at their own pace!

How much time and money would you save if you didn't have to answer the simple questions over and over again, for each new client you get? What about those clients who seemingly ask the same questions over and over? What would it be worth to you if those clients could get their answers directly from your website, without having to contact you?

Web hosting providers have reported saving upwards of 80% on their overall support costs, by simply providing their clients with a comprehensive knowledgebase of video support tutorials.

Questions Our Videos Will Help Answer

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    How to create an email account in cPanel
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    How to create a MySQL database in cPanel
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    How to add a record with the DNS Zone Editor in cPanel
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    How to add a domain forwarder in Plesk
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    How to create and manage user accounts in Plesk
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    How to manage categories in WordPress
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    How to update your WordPress installation
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    How to update your nameservers at
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    How to create private nameservers at
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    ... and so much more!

cPanel (P-L) End User SeriesWe currently have over 450 video support tutorials (organized into 30+ categories or series), that are available to go in your website's support pages. 

Free Integration Tools

We've developed several free tools to help get our videos in your website, and you can choose the tool that best suits your needs.

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    Video Knowledgebase
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    WHMCS "Video Tutorials" Module
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    WordPress "Import Videos" Plugin
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    Copy & Paste Video Embed Codes
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