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October 25, 2019

DemoWolf is now closed. All orders that were received in the last few weeks for logo branded video tutorials have been filled. If you did not get yours, please email me at

If anyone still wants to purchase any of our video tutorials, I will brand them with your company logo for $3.00 per video, purchased in complete series only. For ordering instructions, send an email to

Thank you to all who have supported this project over the last 15 years.

Rob Moore
Founder -

October 16, 2019


Over the last few months, I had been unable to fill orders for those who requested to "purchase" videos since we are shutting down our subscription service. My apologies for that. I did, however, keep the service running for much longer than I had planned... so those of you who still had our embed codes in your websites, our videos were still streaming.... until today.

The streaming/subscription service is currently in the process of being shut down. If your video codes are still working now, they likely won't be by the end of today.

I am now able to fulfill orders for those of you who want to purchase copies of our videos before they are no longer available. See below for ordering instructions.

IF you tried to order videos from me over the last few months but got no response, please try again. I will do my best to fill all orders in the order in which they are received. But please have patience. Please follow the instructions below to place your order and get your branded videos before final shut down.

I also wanted to give a heart-felt "thank you" to all the well wishers and those who will miss DemoWolf. It's been almost 15 years since I started it, and many of you have been with me from the beginning.

Thank you 🙂

Rob Moore

June 21, 2019

Letter to my customers:

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the shut down of DemoWolf. It's been an interesting, sometimes rewarding, and always challenging endeavor, and it's allowed me to learn a ton about the industry, but the time has come where I can no longer afford to keep it going. So after almost 14 years, the time has come to bid farewell to DemoWolf.

I know there are a lot of you who have existing membership subscriptions to our video tutorial "streaming" service, and rely on that service to show the video tutorials to your customers through your website. I am attempting to give you enough time to make alternate plans, and therefore will maintain the servers and membership service until July 31, 2019. Then on Thursday August 1, the streaming service will be shut down permanently.

I've been struggling to keep things afloat for the last several months, and anyone who's tried to contact me in that time has probably noticed I've not been returning emails. For more information on what you can do moving forward, please see the additional information and instructions below.

I want to thank those of you who stuck by me all these years, and wish you all nothing but success moving forward.

Rob Moore
Founder -


Those who PURCHASED videos from DemoWolf:
If you've previously PURCHASED videos from DemoWolf - I'm not talking about joining the membership or subscription service, I mean if you actually purchased the videos with your logo hard-coded into the videos - Your videos will continue to work indefinitely. There is nothing in the videos tying them back to our system. You own the videos, and you can keep them on your website for as long as you like. There is nothing you need to do... UNLESS there were more videos that you wanted to add to your library (read on).

Those who have a DemoWolf MEMBERSHIP/SUBSCRIPTION:
If you're an existing DemoWolf "Member" who is effectively "streaming" our videos from our servers, through your website, to your viewers, then you absolutely must take action because this video streaming will stop working July 31, 2019. All automated recurring billing for this service stopped several weeks ago, so you should no longer be paying for the service.

What you decide to do now will depend on a number of factors... but the main one is, whether you want to continue to have these videos available to your customers. If the answer is "no", then you should remove them from your website so that you don't get errors once the system is shut down. If the answer is "yes", then I am giving you an opportunity to buy the video series you want at a reduced rate (see below). I will then send you the videos with your logo hard coded into them. You will then have to replace the existing code in your website that refers to our streamed videos, with your new videos that you will be able to host yourself. This will result in faster load times as the videos will no longer be streaming through our servers.


Question 1: I purchased videos from you in the past, and was hoping to buy more, or update my existing videos, or get my videos again with a new logo. What can I do?
Answer: Yes, you can purchase any additional videos you want, with your logo hard coded into them, at a significant discount to what we used to sell them for. In the past you could buy our videos in "series" that were priced at $5 per video. For this FINAL CHANCE to buy our videos, you can get ANY combination of video series for 50% off our prices, or $2.00 per video. It doesn't matter if you are buying 1 series or all 38 series, and please do not try to beat me down any further as I do not have the time to negotiate... $2.00 per video. All sales are final. What you will get is each video you order branded with your logo being displayed for 5 or 6 seconds before the video tutorial begins. Videos will be in MP4 format, so you'll be able to host them wherever you want, and link to them from within your knowledgebase if you like. For more information on purchasing our videos, please see the "Ordering Details" section below.

Question 2: I've never purchased videos from you before. Can I purchase them now?
Answer: Yes. Same price applies to you... $2.00 per video, ordered by the series.

Question 3: I have an existing monthly or quarterly membership/subscription that I've been paying. What can I do?
Answer: Firstly, you should remove the embed codes from your website that you were given as part of your membership as they will no longer work as of October 16, 2019. Secondly, if you decide you want to keep offering video tutorials to your customers, then you can purchase the videos from us at the discounted rate I outlined above ($2.00 per video, no matter how many videos you want). See "Ordering Details" section below on how to purchase them.

Question 4: I have an existing annual, biennial or triennial membership/subscription that I've prepaid for. What do I do?
Answer: Firstly, as with all memberships, you should remove the embed codes from your website that you were given as part of your membership as they will no longer work as of October 16, 2019. Secondly, if you decide you want to keep offering video tutorials to your customers, then in addition to the discounted purchase option outlined above, you will also get a credit equal to the unused portion of the membership term you paid for. If this is you, then send me an email to and I will let you know what your credit would be.

Question 5: I don't want a credit towards a purchase. Can I have a refund instead?
Answer: Unfortunately, no. There can be no refunds. The main reason I am having to shut down DemoWolf is because I was unable to make it financially viable.The plan I've come up with and that I'm outlining here, is the only way to avoid an "uncontrolled" shutdown of DemoWolf which would leave everyone hanging with broken video links.

Question 6: I've purchased videos from you in the past, and want to upgrade. Can you tell me what ones I have, and what need upgrading?
Answer: No. In order to keep this process as streamlined as possible, I can only respond to requests for ordering new videos. If you are unsure whether or not we have an updated set of video tutorials to the ones you previously purchased, then go to our Video Tutorials Library and compare the samples of videos there to what you have. Then send me a list of the Video Series you want.

Question 7: Can I purchase individual videos from within a series?
Answer: No. You can only purchase complete Video Series, as that's how the rebranding system works. If there are some videos in a series that you don't want, then you do not have to include them on your website... you can include only the videos that you want. But when buying them, you must purchase complete series.

Question 8: I used to get a 50% discount when I purchased updated videos from you in the past. Can I get this discount again?
Answer: Whether you've purchased from us in the past or not, you get the $2.00 per video discounted pricing. There are no other discounts available, regardless of how many videos you've purchased in the past.

Question 9: Can I buy an "unbranded" or "white label" copy of your videos?
Answer: No. I still own the rights to all videos that have been created, and I only sell "branded" versions of them, and that is the only way you are allowed to use them... branded for your domain/business. If you absolutely need our videos unbranded, then you may be interested in acquiring the assets of

Question 10: Is for sale?
Answer: If you are interested in acquiring the assets of DemoWolf (domain name, scripts, etc), then you are free to contact me at and make an offer.

If you have any other questions, send them to me directly at


If you've decided you want to purchase our video tutorials, here's what you need to do:

Step 1 - Go to the Video Tutorials Library (will open in a new tab) where you can browse through all the "Video Series" available. You can click a series name to go to that series page, and see a couple examples of the videos in that series. Make a note of all the "Video Series" you want.

Step 2 - Send an email to with the subject "Video Purchase", and list all the Video Series you want in your email. If you are an existing member/subscriber who's paid annually, biennially or triennially, LET ME KNOW so I can apply the appropriate credit to your total.

Step 3 - I will reply to your email within 48 hours with the price for the videos you want, and ordering instructions.

Step 4 - Place your order, send me your logo (unless you're a past customer and I already have it on file), and I will deliver your new videos to you within 24 hours of receiving your order.

NOTE: If any of you want to get our entire library of English Video Tutorials, that's all 38 series that include a total of 536 videos, here is a direct order link:

Be sure to send me your logo via email after purchasing.

Thank you.