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Hosting Video Advertising - We're continuing to grow an extensive network of small business professionals and DIY hosting users, who may be interested in the products and services you have to offer..

The service we provide to our members is a "video streaming" service, whereby our members can have our web-hosting related Video Support Tutorials in their own websites, so that their customers can watch them. These video tutorials are typically 2-3 minutes long, and designed to help hosting companies provide easy answers to their customers' questions. They particularly help with common questions they tend to ask over and over again.

There are thousands of web hosting companies out there, and they in turn have hundreds of thousands if not millions of small business professionals who sign up for web hosting. Most of these are essentially building their websites themselves, and often times need help with the basic stuff.

It is these people... these "web hosting end users", that are the target audience. The people YOU can target hosting video advertising to through our unique and highly targeted network.

How It Works - Hosting Video Advertising

Any company that signs up for our FREE Plan membership, will be able to stream our help videos through their websites to make them available on-demand to their customers. It is through these FREE Plans that we will serve our custom video ads.

When a customer of one of our FREE Plan members clicks to watch one of our on-demand videos, they will see a 10 second video ad before the actual content. If a viewer clicks your ad, a new browser tab will open with your custom landing page URL.

But how many of these customers will click the ad? Aren't they specifically waiting for their content to play... the thing they actually need help with?

Yes, that's correct... and for those people who do not click your video ad, your custom "post roll display ad" will be displayed after the main video completes. This post roll ad will also be clickable to your landing page URL.

Hosting Video Advertising is a unique advertising opportunity for companies looking at reaching end users of hosting companies.

The Benefits of Advertising In Our Network

  • The video ads are non-skippable, and must be seen before their chosen video content plays.
  • The audience is highly targeted, typically made up of "D.I.Y. Web Hosting end users".
  • You've got their eyes! These aren't just display ads in a website's header or sidebar margin; they are video ads that play EXACTLY where the content they're waiting for is going to play.
  • Each campaign includes both a pre-roll video ad, as well as a post-roll display ad.
  • You can further target your ads by country location (only plays in countries you define).
  • Maximize your targeted audience by defining what hours of the day your ads play.
  • You can stretch out a campaign by limiting the number of ad views per day.
  • Ads that are clicked will open your landing page URL in a new browser tab. This ensures the audience is not disturbed while getting help on their original topic. This also keeps your post-roll ad displayed on the original page.
  • The main ad is a VIDEO AD, and video ads convert MUCH better, AND are committed to memory more effectively than static display ads.


  • We do not allow advertising of hosting companies or similar business. Basically, if you 're a competitor to members within our network who display these ads, we will not allow you to advertise with us.
  • Advertisers click-through URLs cannot be affiliate links to other companies.
  • We do not allow ads containing, or linking to, adult content.
  • Absolutely no hate or otherwise offensive material will be allowed.
  • All pre-roll video ads are to be 10 seconds long. If you only have a static image, we can convert that to a video... essentially, your static image will display for 10 seconds.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any ads or advertisers.

For more information about advertising with DemoWolf, please contact us and we'll get right back to you.

Put 450+ Video Support Tutorials in your website today!

Members get access to our complete library of Video Support Tutorials, and can choose which ones they want in their website. Display all of them, or only the ones you want. Use our free tools to install them quickly.
Free plan members get access to either the current cPanel end user series, or Plesk end user series.

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