DemoWolf Affiliate Program

We know a lot of our customers not only ARE web hosting providers, but also SELL to web hosting providers themselves. Your customers may be just as interested in our video tutorials as you are!

Earn 25% commission on every referral.

* applies to one-time purchases AND recurring membership fees.

Earn Recurring Revenue, For Life!

When a referral signs up for one of our membership plans, you will make recurring commissions fro as long as they remain a customer. There is no limit to the amount of commissions you can earn. Commissions are "earned" 30 days after an order is received, and will be paid out on the 5th day of the following month.




"BASIC" Membership

$9.95 / month
$23.85 / 3-months
$71.40 / year
$118.80 / 2-years
$142.20 / 3-years

$2.49 every month

$5.96 every 3 months

$17.85 every year

$29.70 every 2 years

$35.55 every 3 years

"BUSINESS" Membership

$19.95 / month
$44.85 / 3-months
$119.40 / year
$190.80 / 2-years
$250.20 / 3-years

$4.99 every month

$11.21 every 3 months

$29.85 every year

$47.70 every 2 years

$62.55 every 3 years

"PRO" Membership

$39.95 / month
$89.85 / 3-months
$239.40 / year
$382.80 / 2-years
$466.20 / 3-years

$9.99 every month

$22.46 every 3 months

$59.85 every year

$95.70 every 2 years

$116.55 every 3 years

BRONZE Bundle (Purchase)



SILVER Bundle (Purchase)



GOLD Bundle (Purchase)



Animated Logo (Addon)



Single Video Tutorial Series

$40.00 to $140.00 per series

$10.00 to $35.00 per series

FREE to Join

It costs nothing to join our affiliate program, and you can do so from within your Client Area if you're an existing or past customer. Click the "Affiliates" link in your Client Area and start earning commissions right away.
If you're not a member or past client, you can become a Member for FREE here. You do not need to make a purchase to become a member, or a DemoWolf affiliate. 

Your Own Custom Affiliate Links

You'll get your own custom affiliate tracking code, as well as dedicated links to specific pages within our website. This way, you can link to our home page, our "How It Works" page, or even our Pricing page, and get credit for the referral if a referred customer places an order. This gives you flexibility in how you decide to promote our service.

Earn on One-Time AND Recurring Sales

You will earn the same commission percentage on both one-time purchases of our video tutorials, and on our membership plans that generate recurring payments. For example, if a referral buys a $140.00 video tutorial package, you'll earn $35.00 (25%). Another example: If a referral becomes a member paying $39.95/month, you'll earn $9.99/month (25%) for as long as that customer remains a paying member.

Earn Commissions on Sales As Well

From time to time we may have promotions that discount the price of our products or services. If your referral purchases during one of these promotions, you'll still earn the same commission rate (25%) on their purchases.

Commission Payouts

A minimum payout amount of $50.00 applies. If your earnings are below $50.00 on payout day, your commissions will roll over to the next month, or until your earnings exceed $50.00. Commissions can be converted to a credit on your account if you wish (if you have a paid account with us, or want to use credit to purchase video tutorials for yourself), otherwise all commissions will be paid out via PayPal.


If you have any questions, you can reach us by email (info{at} or click the "Live Chat" icon in the lower right of this website.

Put 450+ Video Support Tutorials in your website today!

Members get access to our complete library of Video Support Tutorials, and can choose which ones they want in their website. Display all of them, or only the ones you want. Use our free tools to install them quickly.
Free plan members get access to either the current cPanel end user series, or Plesk end user series.

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