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cPanel “End User” Video Tutorials Series Updated – New Look!

We’ve just updated our most popular video tutorial series… the 28 cPanel video tutorials for end users – Paper Lantern skin. These updated videos are available for immediate download by our members… or for those DemoWolf members who already have our cPanel end user videos embedded in their websites, there is nothing you have to do… the new updated videos are already being served to your clients through your websites.

Free Plan members who have our free cPanel end user STARTER series (15 videos) embedded in their websites are also already getting the new videos.


DemoWolf Videos Are Changing – New Look!
Not only are the videos updated to the latest version of cPanel, but this also marks a change in the way we produce our videos. Although most of the changes are behind the scenes, the main things you’ll notice about our videos from now on are:

– “Text-Box instructions” have been replaced with proper “captions” at the bottom of the videos;
– The intro frame containing the videos’ title will from now on be white text on a black frame.

The other changes are mostly “behind the scenes”, and put in place to increase the speed at which we can produce new and updated videos, and produce translated versions… something the Spanish community in particular has been asking for. Watch for new Spanish versions of all our videos soon.

Check out a couple of the new look videos here!


The video tutorials included in this series are:
How to login to cPanel
How to create an email account in cPanel
How to set your default address in cPanel
How to setup an autoresponder in cPanel
How to setup email forwarding in cPanel
How to setup email filters in cPanel
How to enable spam protection in cPanel
How to add an MX entry in cPanel
How to use webmail from within cPanel
How to change your cPanel password
How to update your contact information in cPanel
How to change your cPanel style
How to change the primary language in cPanel
How to add a record with the DNS Zone Editor in cPanel
How to backup your website in cPanel
How to use the Disk Space Usage tool in cPanel
How to create additional FTP accounts in cPanel
How to password protect a directory in cPanel
How to use the IP Blocker in cPanel
How to setup hotlink protection in cPanel
How to create a subdomain in cPanel
How to create an addon domain in cPanel
How to create a domain alias in cPanel
How to setup domain redirects in cPanel
How to create a MySQL database in cPanel
How to use the Index Manager in cPanel
How to create custom error pages in cPanel
How to setup a cron job in cPanel

Have a look at the new cPanel video tutorials here, and see if they’re something you think your customers would benefit from. If so, we’ll brand them with your logo at the beginning of every video when you become a member.


DemoWolf PRO Members
PRO members can add these new videos to their websites right now. Simply login to your Members Area, and follow the instructions to download them from there.

If you are not a DemoWolf member, you can sign up for a FREE membership plan, and get 15 of the above videos in your website for free!

DemoWolf now has over 480 video tutorials for web hosting companies, in 34 different series including topics like cPanel, Plesk, WordPress, FileZilla, domain registrars, email apps, and much more. These video tutorials are all designed to help hosting companies provide video support to their clients.

To browse all 480+ video tutorials we offer, visit our Video Tutorials Library.


New Videos On The Way!
Besides updating all the videos we currently have, the new series we’ll be producing shortly are (in order of tentative production):

– Outlook Email Series
– Windows Mail Series
– cPanel File Manager Series
– Weebly
– WordPress Advanced Series
– Joomla Series
– Android Mobile Email Series
– SiteWorx Series
– NoeWorx Series
– MSPControl Series
– HostingController Series


Let me know if you have any questions, or suggestions for other video tutorials we should be developing… or if you’d like us to move any of the above-mentioned videos up in our production queue 🙂


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