Custom Video Tutorials

Custom Video Tutorials - Custom Video Factory

$49.00 Per Video

You give us a rough script; describe what you want;
Give us any login information we might need, and make sure any data you want is in place;
We'll produce high quality HD videos that you can upload to YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc.


Full 1080p HD (1920 px wide X 1080 px high);
Fully customized video based on your instructions;

Includes captions/script, highlights, zoom/pan where necessary for emphasis;

Scripts are professionally written and checked for spelling and grammar;

Intro and ending scenes customized with your logo/brand/tag line;

Synthesized voice/audio narration of script;

Translation of video into any language.

$49.00 per Custom Video (up to 1 minute running time)


Longer videos: Add $49.00 per additional minute

Voice/audio narration with a real voice (Anne Swist): Add $15.00/minute

Translated version of video in another language: 1/2 price of the original
Animated Logo: Add $49.00

50% of estimate is due when you place the order.
Save 10% on orders over $500.00
Save 15% on orders over 

When your project is complete and after final payment, we'll give you a 10% credit to be used towards a future custom project.
Example: If your project was $300.00, we'll give you a $30.00 credit towards a future project.


Let's say you want 5 custom videos and you estimate they'll be 1 minute each, and you want Anne Swist to narrate the audio recording. Here's a walk through of how to place the order, make your deposit - the entire process from start to finish:

Step 1 - Place your order and pay the deposit (50% of estimate)
Deposit for 5 videos = $24.50 x 5 = $122.50
Deposit for Anne's voice = $7.50 x 5 = $37.50
Total Deposit = $160.00

Step 2 - Send us your scripts and/or instructions
Be sure to include any login information we'll need, and specific instructions on what to enter if we need to fill out forms, etc. Also include any additional images or logos you want us to include.

Step 3 - Draft Approval
We'll produce a draft of your video(s) that will include the video and captions (excluding the recorded audio narration), and we'll send you a link(s) to review for your approval.You tell us if anything should be changed or if you approve as is. Any changes will be made almost immediately so you can review again.

Step 4 - Add Voice Audio and Finishing Touches
Once approved, we will have the approved script audio synthesized (or recorded by Anne if you opted for that), and added to the video. Once everything is adjusted in the timeline and completed, we'll submit a link(s) to you for final approval.

Step 5 - Approval and Final Payment
Once you approve the videos, it's time to make your final payment. Let's say for example, the project ends up being 5 videos at 1:15 each in length (6:15 total). Your final price will be...
Final Project = 6.25 minutes x ($49.00 + $15.00 for Anne) = $400.00
Deposit Already Paid = ($160.00)
Final Payment Due = $240.00

Step 6 - Delivery of Videos
Once final payment is received, we will send you the 5 completed videos.


Note: Want the videos in another language?
If you want us to reproduce the same videos in another language, we can do that for 50% of the total cost. For example, we could create the above 5 videos in a Spanish or French version, complete with translated text scripts and synthesized audio narration, for just $200.00 more.

You've Earned a Credit!
A credit of $40.00 (10% of the project total) in this case, will be applied to any future projects.

Synthesized Voices

The standard price of $49.00/minute includes using a synthesized voice for the audio narration, rather than a real human being. We use Amazon's "Text to Speech" system to create these narrations, and the results are surprisingly good. If however you do want a real human to voice your project, for an additional $15.00/minute we will get Anne Swist to record your narrations. Anne has worked with us for over 10 years and is the voice on all our standard video tutorials. Below are examples of both options.

Video Tutorial with "Synthesized" Voice

Video Tutorial with "Anne Swist's" Voice

If you want your video tutorials in any other language besides English, then if available, we will use a synthesized voice in that other language. Our Video Translations page has samples of all available synthesized voices for other languages.


If you have any questions, you can reach us by email (info{at} or click the "Live Chat" icon in the lower right of this website.