DemoWolf Login Issues Resolved

DemoWolf Login Issues Resolved

You may have been experiencing login issues on our website over the last several days. These issues were related to the system we were using to log you in to our TWO systems: WHMCS for billing and support, and our Members Area for access to our video embed codes and instructional videos showing how to integrate our videos with your website.

Although we will continue to look for a better solution, we’ve decided in the meantime to keep the two systems separate, and adjusted our flow of confirmation emails when you sign up so it makes more sense. Now when you sign up, you’ll get the following:

“Order Confirmation” email
When you sign up for either the Free or Pro plan, you’ll immediately get this confirmation email telling you that your order is being processed. A new “client account” will have been created for you automatically, and this email will provide you with access to that. From there you can see your billing info, client profile, and submit support tickets.

Then once we’ve processed your order and setup your Members Area (typically within the hour during business hours, otherwise first thing the next morning), you’ll get 3 more emails…

“Your username and password info” email
This email will arrive after your Members Area has been setup, and will ask you to click a link to set your “Members Area” password. You can set it the same as your Client Area password if you like, just remember that they are two separate systems. Once you do this, you’ll have complete access to your new Members Area.

“FREE Plan (or PRO Plan) Membership” email
This email will contain all the information you need to get started. It will confirm your Members Area login URL, and give you instructions and provide links to getting started. It will remind you that we need your domain name to whitelist it, and to send us your logo if you’ve signed up for the PRO Plan.

“Your domain has been whitelisted” email
Finally, you’ll get this email telling you that we’ve whitelisted your domain so that once you put the video embed codes into your website, the videos will work.

Note: If you’re an existing member and had trouble logging in, you should now be able to reset your Members Area password. Either click the “LOGIN” link in our website’s top menu, or go to A “forgot password” option is there if you cannot login.

We’ve also modified our internal links so that if you ever do click from the Members Area to go to the Client Area, it will open in a new tab to denote that it’s a different system… and our logo in the upper left will also show “Client Area” (like in the image above) so you know you aren’t on the main site.

Clear as mud?? If not, shoot me an email and I’ll help as best as I can, or post your comments below. Or start a “Live Chat” on our website… I’m always looking for a break to talk to our members 😉

WATCH for some exciting news next week:

  • our videos are getting an overhaul… modern “new look” coming…
  • new software and internal processes speeds up production 3X…
  • Everything will be available in SPANISH (no, not just the text… the audio too)…
  • new releases will start happening much faster…

Stay tuned – details next week!!


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