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DemoWolf Terms of use. All video tutorials are the property of DemoWolf.com. They are not to be altered, modified, or tampered with in any way. If you require changes to your tutorials, notify us and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

Hotlinking directly to the video tutorials on our website from other websites or emails is strictly forbidden. If you wish to display our video tutorials in your website, you can sign up and become a member for free.

When you become a DemoWolf member, the video tutorials are to be used on one domain only. If the same tutorials are required for additional websites that you own, contact our sales department. We provide discounted rates for additional domain licenses.

When you become a paid DemoWolf member, the video tutorials can be displayed on your website only as long as your membership is active and in good standing. Once you cancel your membership, you are no longer allowed to display the tutorials on your website. The tutorials must then be removed as per these DemoWolf terms of use.

When you "purchase" DemoWolf video tutorials, they will be branded with your logo, and you will then own the videos. We do not keep copies of branded video tutorials that are purchased and then sent to the customer, so once purchasers receive their videos, be sure to keep them in s safe place.

DemoWolf Terms of Use - Advertisements

Members of the Free Plan agree to allow a short (5-10 second) static or video ad to be displayed. When a client clicks to watch a video, this ad will display before the video plays. These ads will not be for web hosting providers or web development services. We understand the bulk of our members are either web hosting providers or web developers themselves, and would not want ads displaying on their websites that compete directly with them. The ads will, however, include ads for the DemoWolf Video Tutorial service. Companies interested in advertising with DemoWolf should see our Advertising page.

DemoWolf Terms of Use - Paid Membership Plans

Members of any of our Paid Plans can have their own branded video tutorials, logo or animated intro displaying before the video tutorials play, instead of having ads display. Alternatively, you can choose to have no branding whatsoever. Failure to keep your account in good standing or not paying your membership dues will result in your logo being replaced with either a suspension message or ads as per the free plan.

Legal action will be taken against any individual or company attempting to circumvent the DemoWolf terms of use. These terms are in place to protect the thousands of hours invested in developing the tutorials (our inventory). The penalty for attempting to re-brand our tutorials on your own is not simply the selling price of the tutorials in question, but the "potential" sales we could lose if unbranded or generically branded tutorials were made available. This would be many thousands of times greater than the selling price.

If you have questions about any of these terms, please contact us and we'll be happy to clarify.

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