How To Put Your DemoWolf Videos In Your ZenDesk Knowledgebase

This video walks you through the steps needed to get your DemoWolf video tutorials into your ZenDesk Knowledgebase, using our ZenDesk API Importer.

ZenDesk is a popular support solution that companies use to provide support to their customers. ZenDesk includes live chat, a support ticketing system and a robust knowledgebase. It’s a great customer support solution for large teams as well.

This integration was built for those companies who use ZenDesk, and want to provide their customers with video tutorials as part of their support. With our importer, you can easily upload hundreds of DemoWolf video tutorials to your ZenDesk knowledgebase in just a few clicks.

To use this tool you must already have a ZenDesk account, and a DemoWolf membership. If you don’t yet have a DemoWolf membership, you can sign up for our Free Plan… this integration works with both our FREE Plan and our PRO Plan.

Before you use the importer, there are a couple settings you have to set in your ZenDesk account:
1. Login to your ZenDesk Support page, and click “Settings”…
2. Then under “Channels”, click “API”…
3. In the API Settings under “Password Access”, click to “Enable”.
4. Next, go to your ZenDesk Guide Admin page, and click “Settings”…
5. Under “Security”, check to allow “Display unsafe content”…
6. Click “Update” at the top of the page.

With those settings set, you’re now ready to import your video tutorials to your knowledgebase.

1. Login to your DemoWolf Members Area;
2. Download your custom XML file (which includes embed codes for all videos);
3. Click the “ZenDesk Knowledgebase” integration button;
4. Then click the “ZenDesk Importer” button;
5. Enter your ZenDesk login credentials and a category name;
6. Click “Choose File” and select the XML file you downloaded;
7. Click “Submit”.

That’s all there is to it! In just a few seconds, the video codes in your XML file will be uploaded to your ZenDesk knowledgebase. A new knowledgebase category will be created (in the name you entered above for “category name”), and within that category will be new sub-categories for each tutorial series you uploaded. Then within each sub-category, a new article for every video within that series will be created… with the article name corresponding to the video title.

In addition to the videos being uploaded, the DemoWolf ZenDesk Importer also uploads the written text tutorials as well. Below every video tutorial will be the written text of that tutorial, which will give your customers the option of reading the instructions rather than watching your video.

If you ever want to edit the text instructions, you can easily do that by simply logging into your ZenDesk Knowledgebase, and editing the article like you would any other article.

I hope you find this useful! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments section below, or if you’re an existing member you can submit a support ticket from your Client Area.

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