DemoWolf Affiliate Program

Earn 25% Recurring Commissions with our All New Affiliate Program

Announcing our ALL NEW Affiliate Program! Effective immediately, DemoWolf will pay a 25% recurring commission to anyone who helps promote and sell any of our products or membership plans.

DemoWolf Affiliate Program Details

We’ve designed this as a win-win for both anyone who becomes a DemoWolf affiliate, and ourselves… and anyone can become a DemoWolf affiliate… it’s absolutely free. Here’s how it works:

At DemoWolf, we produce and sell video tutorials to the web hosting industry, and we offer those videos in two main ways… companies can either sign up to a membership plan for a monthly, yearly, or other term, or they can choose to buy the videos outright with a one time payment. Our new affiliate program will reward affiliates no matter which method a referral chooses… and the reward is always 25%.

One Time Payments
If a referral chooses to buy tutorials with a one time payment, the affiliate will earn 25% of the total sale as a commission. This is a one time commission, since the original sale was a one time sale. One time payments tend to be larger than monthly recurring payments, but not always.

Recurring Payments
If a referral chooses to sign up to a membership plan, then they will be choosing a recurring term that could be monthly, quarterly, annually, every 2 years or every 3 years. In all cases, the affiliate will earn 25% of EVERY sale, including the recurring sales. So for example, if a referral signs up to our BUSINESS Plan and pays $19.95 every month, the affiliate will earn $19.95 x 25% = $4.99 every month, for as long as that referral remains a paying customer.

Who is this for?
Since the vast majority of our customers are small to medium sized web hosting companies, we think the perfect candidate to be a successful DemoWolf affiliate is someone or company that offers web hosting reseller plans, cloud, VPS or dedicated servers to their customers. Why? Because you very likely have web hosting companies as customers, and they are the perfect candidates for needing video tutorials to help their customers.

Do you resell WHMCS licenses? Clientexec, HostBill or Blesta? You should also be offering DemoWolf video tutorials!

Do you have web developers as customers who perhaps design WordPress websites for their customers? They too are also perfect candidates for our video tutorials, specifically our WordPress videos.

We’re adding more and more video tutorials to our library every week, so there will always be fresh and new video tutorials to keep our clients (and your referrals) happy.

For more details on exactly how this works, obtaining your tracking code, etc, go to our DemoWolf Affiliate Program main page.

Become a DemoWolf affiliate and add a brand new revenue stream to your online business today!

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Rob started DemoWolf in 2005, and has been providing video support solutions to hosting companies ever since. When not at work, Rob can usually be found in a curling club coaching his daughter's curling team, or out on the trail running or biking :-)

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