Getting Your DemoWolf Videos Into Your WHMCS Client Area

WHMCS is a popular billing and automation system for web hosting companies. It includes invoicing, a support ticketing system and a knowledgebase… and it integrates with popular hosting control panels like cPanel and Plesk, as well as many top domain registrars. It also integrates with dozens of payment gateways. WHMCS wraps all this up into a “Client Area” where hosting customers can go to manage their accounts, and an “Admin Area” for the hosting company. In many respects it’s a complete “hosting business in a box”, and a lot of hosting companies are using it.

Since many DemoWolf members are also users of WHMCS, we’ve developed a WHMCS “module” you can use to quickly and easily get your DemoWolf videos into your WHMCS powered website.

Use this module to add a “Video Tutorials” section to your WHMCS Client Area, and automatically populate it with all the DemoWolf videos you want… making them available to all your hosting customers.

For those who’d rather not watch the video, following are the instructions on using the Video Tutorials Module:

Step 1 – Go to, choose the video series you want, then click to export the video embed codes (downloads the videos.xml file).

Step 2 – Download and unzip the DemoWolf Video Tutorials Module by clicking the following link (downloads the file):

Step 3 – Using FTP, upload the tutorial_viewer folder to your WHMCS “/modules/addons” directory.

Step 4 – Login to WHMCS as admin.

Step 5 – Under the “Setup” tab, click “Addon Modules” and locate “DemoWolf Tutorial Viewer”.

Step 6 – Click “Activate”.

Step 7 – Click “Configure” for the Tutorial Viewer, then click “Full Administrator”, then Save Changes.

Step 8 – Now in the Main Menu when you hover over “Addons”, an option should drop down for “DemoWolf Tutorial Viewer”. Click that.

Step 9 – Click “Choose File” and select your videos.xml file that you exported.

Step 10 – Click “Import Tutorials”

Done! Now when your clients go to their admin area, they’ll see a “Video Tutorials” link in their menu, with access to all your videos.

I hope this helps! As always, let me know if you have any questions 🙂

Note: These instructions assume you’re using the Six (or Six-based) template. If you are using an older template, then you will need to create a manual link in index.php?m=tutorial_viewer in the header.tpl file of the active template.

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