Getting Your DemoWolf Videos Into Your WordPress Website

I just did a quick search on google, and as of right now there are an estimated 74 million websites running on WordPress, accounting for about 25% of all websites in the world. For novice bloggers it can be very easy to setup and run their own blogging website (WordPress got its start as mainly a blogging platform), while for more advanced users it can be very easy to customize and make websites look entirely unique. It’s incredibly versatile… and extremely popular.

That’s why we developed the DemoWolf Video Import Plugin. DemoWolf members can use this plugin to import their videos into their WordPress-based websites.

There are three different ways this plugin can be used to import videos:

Option 1. Import video as blog posts
This option creates a new blog post for every video being imported, and creates a new blog post category for each video series. The videos will be categorized by the series their associated with.

Option 2. Import videos as pages – one page per series
This option creates one new page for every series being imported, and all videos in that series will be embedded on that page, along with their titles.

Option 3. Import videos as pages – one page per video
This option creates one new page for every video being imported. The page title will correspond to the video title, and the video will be embedded on its new page.


Step 1 – Go to, choose the video series you want, then click to export the video embed codes (downloads the videos.xml file).

Step 2- Download the DemoWolf Video Import Plugin by clicking the following link (downloads the file):

Step 3 – Login to your WordPress website as admin

Step 4 – Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin

Step 5 – Click “Choose File”, locate the plugin file you downloaded, then click “Install Now”.

Step 6 – Click “Activate Plugin”

Step 7 – In the WordPress main menu under “Tools”, locate and click the new “Import Videos” link.

Step 8 – By “Upload Video XML”, click “Choose File” and select the videos.xml file you downloaded in step 1.

Step 9 – Choose which of the 3 import options you want (read the descriptions above)

Step 10 – Click “Import Videos”.

That’s it! The plugin automatically imports all videos and sets up new pages (or blog posts) according to the option you chose.

For those members who want their videos in their WordPress website, this plugin should help. Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

About the Author Rob Moore

Rob started DemoWolf in 2005, and has been providing video support solutions to hosting companies ever since. When not at work, Rob can usually be found in a curling club coaching his daughter's curling team, or out on the trail running or biking :-)

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