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Video Tutorials Help - When you become a DemoWolf member you get access to our Video Tutorials Library, which contain video support tutorials you can put in your website. You do this by placing Video Embed Codes in your web pages, so that our video support tutorials can be viewed in your website. When your visitors visit your pages, they will see the video support tutorials rather than the video embed codes.

Keep reading to find out exactly how to put the videos in your website, and how it works.

Step 1 - Watch the Video Tutorials Help Videos

We have hundreds of video support tutorials available, and you can put them all in your website. Topics like cPanel, Plesk, WordPress, Email, Domains, FTP and much more are covered... currently we have over 450 video tutorials to choose from!

Would these videos in your website benefit your customers?
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Video Tutorials Help - How It Works
Free Video Tutorials Help

Step 2 - Sign Up for the FREE Plan

I recommend starting with the FREE Plan, since it costs you nothing, and will give you enough access to know if this service is for you. You can always upgrade to a paid plan later if you want more videos or more options. Don't forget to tell us what domain you'll be hosting them on so we can whitelist it. Click below to sign up and get the video tutorials help your clients need!

Step 3 - Choose an "Integration Method"

We have several ways to integrate our videos into your website, and the method you choose will depend on your particular website setup. You have the following choices:

- Video Knowledgebase;
- WHMCS "Video Tutorials" Module;
- WordPress Installation;
- Copy/Paste Video Embed Codes.

All integration files and instructions are available to you in your Members Area.

Note: You can use more than one integration method. For example, you may want to make the videos available from your WHMCS knowledgebase, and also your blog.

Video Tutorials Help - Integration
Video Tutorials Help Instructions

Step 4 - Follow Instructions in Members Area

We have detailed step-by-step instructions for all integration methods - all available from your Members Area - which you'll have access to once you sign up.

The video support tutorials will work immediately upon putting the Video Embed Codes into your website, as long as you've told us what domain to whitelist.

That's it, that's how it works!

Integration Tools

WHMCS, Clientexec, Blesta, HostBill

Video Knowledgebase

If you use WHMCS, Clientexec, Blesta or HostBill as your hosting management platform, use this tool to get video tutorials help into the integrated knowledgebase you already have. It creates a new knowledgebase article for every video tutorial you want, and each article contains the video tutorial, as well as the written text instructions below.  All videos are organized into new knowledgebase categories - one for each video tutorial series. The result is a completely searchable database of video tutorials help, integrated with your existing knowledgebase.

WHMCS logo

WHMCS "Video Tutorials" Module

If you use WHMCS as your hosting management platform, you can use this module to create a "Video Tutorials" main menu item in your clients' Client Area. Your clients can then get their video tutorials help from their WHMCS Client Area.

Note: You can do this in addition to the Video Knowledgebase setup described above, if you want both.

WordPress logo

WordPress "Import Videos" Plugin

If your website is built with WordPress, you can use our WordPress plugin to import the videos you want into your website. You can use this plugin to create...

  • new post for every video being imported, and new post categories for each series;
  • or a new page for every series being imported, that includes all videos in that series;
  • or a new page for every video being imported, that includes the embedded video.

Copy & Paste Video Embed Codes

You can simply copy and paste individual video embed codes into your website, if no other integration method suits your needs, or if there are additional places in your website you'd like to put video support tutorials.

Simply download our videos.xml file containing all the video embed codes, then copy and paste them into your website! Video tutorials help has never been easier to give your clients!

Video Features


CDN Delivery

We use Amazon's global content distribution network to ensure the best video playback possible, everywhere in the world.

video play

Video Streaming

Our videos are streamed to your site and not hosted by your server - so we take care of the bandwidth usage.

HD video

HD Video Quality

Our videos are recorded in HD video quality so they always look and sound amazing.

responsive video


Our video embed codes are responsive, meaning the videos will stretch to fit any size screen, and any website format.

mobile video playback

Mobile Playback

Need video on the go? No problem! Our videos support HTML5, as well as every modern device and browser.

video support quality

Automated Quality

Our videos will play at the highest available quality to the device and connection being used by your viewers.

Put 450+ Video Support Tutorials in your website today!

Members get access to our complete library of Video Support Tutorials, and can choose which ones they want in their website. Display all of them, or only the ones you want. Use our free tools to install them quickly.
Free plan members get access to either the current cPanel end user series, or Plesk end user series.

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