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phpMyAdmin Video Tutorials Now Available at DemoWolf

We’ve just produced a brand new series of 12 video tutorials for phpMyAdmin. This new series has been added to our Video Tutorials Library, and the videos are available for free download by our PRO members right now, or available for sale on the phpMyAdmin Video Tutorials sales page.

The new phpMyAdmin video tutorials series covers many of the common tasks that hosting customers may need to perform using phpMyAdmin, and helps them by walking them through the tasks using video, and professional narration. With these video tutorials on a hosting company’s website, their customers will get the help they need themselves, without having to contact support for help.

Click here to see all the video tutorials in this new phpMyAdmin series.

The DemoWolf Video Tutorials Library is GROWING…
As you may have noticed, we’re now releasing new video tutorials at a much faster rate than we used to, as the new video capture and editing methods we’ve implemented are now paying off. New series can now be produced in just 1-3 days, and look more professional now than ever before. Video tutorials we’ve released since we implemented these improvements include:

phpMyAdmin Series (12 videos) – released June 11, 2018
Windows 10 Mail Series (10 videos) – released June 8, 2018
Outlook 2016 Email Series (10 videos) – released June 6, 2018
cPanel Paper Lantern End User Series (28 videos) – updated May 15, 2018
WebHost Manager (WHM) Reseller Series (25 videos) – released May 4, 2018
WordPress Plugins Series (13 videos) – released May 2, 2018

We have two main ways to get our video tutorials in your website, and several plans available for each.

1. Become a Member
DemoWolf members can place video embed codes in their website so our video tutorials show up automatically, and allows us to keep them up to date for you, by updating them on our end. We have several tools that make it super easy to put the codes into your website, and memberships start at just $5.95/month (or less if you choose a longer term).

Try our FREE Membership Plan – 20 free video tutorials!

2. Buy the Videos
If you don’t want to become a member and just want to buy the video tutorials you want, that’s an option too. We will brand the videos with your own logo or animated intro when you buy them, and we’ll send you the MP4 video files when they’re ready. This is the one-time payment option – no subscription required, and we have several bundles available so you can get MANY video tutorials at massive discounts.

Check out the bundles, and SAVE!

We’re listening, and producing what YOU want…
We plan to continue releasing new material that web hosting companies are asking us to produce at this new faster rate. Tell us what you want to see us produce, and if it’s something that more than a few people want, chances are we’ll produce them and make them available to all web hosts.

About DemoWolf
DemoWolf produces video tutorials for web hosting related software and applications, designed to help hosting companies provide better support to their customers through the use of video. DemoWolf now has over 500 video tutorials available to be branded for web hosts who want them on their websites, including the new phpMyAdmin video tutorials. You can browse all 500+ video tutorials in the Video Tutorials Library.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to comment below, send an email to info{at}, or start a Live Chat by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right of our website. I usually answer all chat requests myself, and would love to hear from you as to what we could be doing better. 🙂



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