Translated Video Tutorials

Translated Video Tutorials: Now Available in any Language!

Translated Video Tutorials: Effective immediately, all DemoWolf Video Tutorials are available in any language you want them in.

We’ve offered translated video tutorials in the past, but never have we been able to offer them with as quick a turn-around as we can today. With our new production methods in place, we can now have a new translated series of video tutorials ready in about 24 hours, sometimes less.

Read more and see samples on our Video Tutorial Translations page.

Our Multi-Step Translation Process
When a customer orders a series of translated video tutorials in a language other than English, We first make a copy of the English versions of the tutorials, and then put them through the following process:

  1. Extract the English captions for each video, and run it through Google Translator to generate new translated captions;
  2. Run the translated captions through the Amazon Text to Speech system to generate new audio in the chosen language (if available);
  3. Replace the English captions for each video with the new translated captions;
  4. Replace the English audio for each video with the new translated audio (if available);
  5. Brand the newly created “translated video tutorials” with the customer’s logo, thus completing the order;
  6. Make the new videos available to existing DemoWolf members.

Audio Translations for 18 Languages
The Amazon Text to Speech system currently supports 18 languages, and so it is these languages that we can provide not only the text (caption) translations, but also the audio translations. So when you order translated video tutorials in any of these 18 languages, they’ll have the text AND audio translated into your language:
English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Welsh.

How to Order – BUY option: To order any of our translated video tutorials in any of these 18 languages, choose the series you want in our order form, then you’ll notice a new drop-down selector box where you can choose the language you want before ordering. Choose your language, and submit your order. The same selector box is also available when ordering a savings Bundle… all prices are the same as the English versions, no matter which language you want.

How to Order – Membership option: If you want our translated video tutorials in our Membership option, then simply choose the Membership you want, and place your order. Indicate to use which series you want in your Membership, and in what language, and we will make them available as quickly as we can.

Note: Translated tutorials are not available in the Free Membership Plan.

Translating Other Languages
If you want our translated video tutorials in a language not listed above, then what we do is we translate the text captions to your language and replace the English versions… but the audio will remain in English. In these cases we had the option of either removing the English audio (which would result in “silent” videos with no audio) or leaving the English audio in place. It was decided that having some audio was better than having silent videos, so until or unless it is suggested we do it differently, we will translate the text but leave the English audio in these translated video tutorials. If and when any of these languages becomes available in the Amazon Text to Speech system, we can update the translated videos with audio at that time. To order videos in any language NOT listed above, simply order the English versions, and include a note in the comments section of the order form indicating what language you want them in.

Translation Errors
Although the Google Translate system is amazing, it isn’t perfect yet. There may be times that you find a translation isn’t as good as it could be. For this reason, all translated tutorials are open and available for “correction” at any time. If any of our customers find a translation error in their language, we welcome the input and will make the corrections as they become known to us. If we update a series of translated tutorials with better translations, then anyone who has previous purchased them will be eligible for a free copy of the updated translated tutorials. All updates are announced via our Blog and email subscription list.

Audio Translations
For the 18 languages that are available to have the audio translated as well, the audio will be a computerized and synthesized audio voice as provided through the Amazon Text to Speech system. For the most part these audio translations are very good, and will only get better in time – you can hear samples of all 18 languages here. The original English language video tutorials will continue to be the exception to this… for the English versions we have always used a real live voice actor… Anne Swist has been our voice artist for the last 12 years, and will continue to record the narration for all our English videos.

Purchase Translated Tutorials
All translated tutorials are available for purchase effective immediately, for the same price as our regular English versions. Production time will take a little longer especially if you’re the first to order a particular series in your language… possibly 24-48 hours longer, depending on our order backlog. Our Savings Bundles are also available to be purchased in any language.

DemoWolf Members
As we produce new translated video tutorials and make them available to our customers, they will also be made available to our existing Members as soon as they’re ready. Obviously they all won’t be ready in every language all at the same time… it will take time to go through everything and get everything translated. However, if you’re an existing member or considering becoming one, and you don’t see the video tutorials you want in the language you want, let us know by email or support ticket or even Live Chat which videos you want and in what language, and we’ll add them to our production list. We want to create these translated video tutorials in the most efficient means possible so that our members get access to the ones they need as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to let me know 🙂



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