Introducing The New Video Knowledgebase

We’ve just completed a major shift in the way we do business and the products we offer.

We no longer just provide a video tutorial rebranding service for web hosts… we now provide web hosts with a complete solution to populate their knowledgebase with hosting-related, video-based articles. All video tutorials in the knowledgebase will still be branded with the customer’s logo, and this new “Drop-In” technology is available for both purchasers of our tutorials, as well as DemoWolf members.

We’ve undergone a significant transformation… from a tutorial rebranding company, to video-based knowledgebase company.

The new DemoWolf “Video Knowledgebase” is available for WHMCS, ClientExec, HostBill and Blesta… billing platforms used by web hosting companies that each have a built-in searchable knowledgebase… which we have designed our Video Knowledgebase around. Any company that uses one of these platforms can now “Drop-In” our Video Knowledgebase categories and articles with just a few clicks.

Learn more here:

Our Video Knowledgebase can be added to your existing knowledgebase, and you can choose to add only the articles you want.

Note: “Video Knowledgebase” refers to putting DemoWolf videos into your existing WHMCS< Blesta, Clientexec or HostBill knowledgebase.

Let me know if you have any questions 🙂


About the Author Rob Moore

Rob started DemoWolf in 2005, and has been providing video support solutions to hosting companies ever since. When not at work, Rob can usually be found in a curling club coaching his daughter's curling team, or out on the trail running or biking :-)

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