Video Tutorials Choice - What every customer deserves

Choice – What Every Customer Deserves

We’re constantly evolving, because we here you loud and clear. We want DemoWolf to provide the exact video tutorials service you need and want so we can to help you provide the best support to your customers, and help you grow your businesses. To that end, we have often changed the way we deliver our products and services to you, as we try to find that “magic bullet” formula that works for everyone and that everyone loves.

The Past
For years, and since our founding in 2005, we offered our video tutorials to the hosting industry as a one-time purchase. For the most part this worked great, and we built our business with that model. Our customers could buy our video tutorials, we’d embed their logo in them and send the videos to them. They’d put them on their website, and that would be the end of the transaction.

Then in 2016 we made a dramatic change… we completely overhauled our business model to address the current needs and wants of our customer base. We transformed into a subscription-based service. A lot of our customers didn’t want the hassle of updating their video tutorials when new ones became available, and many of them also didn’t want to have to pay for newer versions of videos they had already purchased… in some cases, many years earlier. In response to this growing trend, we changed our business model to a subscription-based system. This new system meant that customers would always have the most up to date videos, since it is a hosted service where we host the videos and our customers simply put video embed codes in their websites. When we update a video tutorial on our end, the update happens automatically for all DemoWolf subscribers (members). Of course, this new business model has to be paid for, and therefore the pricing had to be changed to a subscription model.

The Result
Two years into this change, I can tell you that it’s had mixed reviews. Many DemoWolf customers embraced the new model, but not everyone, and some even loathed it. Yes, more and more businesses are moving to the subscription model to sustain themselves, but more and more consumers are beginning to look at such business practices as too costly in the long run, and are wishing for the simpler times when they could simply buy something, have a good guarantee or warranty, and that be the end of the sale. They could budget an amount to spend ONCE and not have to put it in their books as a recurring payment.

What we’ve learned through this whole process is that there is no magic bullet… no magic formula of a business model that will be loved by all. You can spend countless time on surveys, making changes and gauging results… but in the end what we’ve always found is that yes, many people often like the changes we make… but there are also others who wished we had kept things the way they were.

Our Answer – Give Customers A Choice
So here’s what we’re doing… we’re bringing back the “one time payment” purchases of our videos, but also keeping the subscription system in place. And for both options, we’re including much more choice so customers should be able to get exactly what they want. Here’s a summary of the new options:

Option #1 – DemoWolf Membership Option
Anyone who’s been using our service within the last two years, is used to this option… however even with this, we are now offering more choice. Instead of having just the one “all video tutorials or nothing” PRO Plan, we’ve introduced two additional smaller plans. The membership options are now:
FREE Plan – 1 video series, with ads, no logo branding – FREE.
BASIC Plan – “Any 3 series”, no ads, branded with your logo – from $5.95/month.
BUSINESS Plan – “Any 10 series”, no ads, branded with your logo – from $9.95/month.
PRO Plan – “ALL 34+ series”, no ads, branded with your logo – from $19.95/month.
Click here for more information:

You can cancel your membership at any time, and when you do so the videos will stop working on your website.

Option #2 – DemoWolf One-Time Purchase Option
The way we used to do it, pre-2016. You can once again buy our videos, customized for you by being branded with your company logo. You choose the video tutorials you want, send us your logo, and we’ll send you the customized, made-for-you videos. Just like before, the videos are sold in “series”. Prices for a single series range from $40.00 to $140.00, depending on how many videos are in the series. In addition, we’re bringing back “Bundles” which are groups of video series at a discount:
Individual Video Series – priced at $5.00 per video.
BRONZE Bundle – 5 video series (77 videos) – $289.95

SILVER Bundle – 10 video series (149 videos) – $449.95
GOLD Bundle – 20 video series (267 videos) – $649.95
EVERYTHING Bundle – 34+ video series (488+ videos) – Contact us for current rate.
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Although we’ve indicated which video series are included in each bundle, we are allowing substitutions so that any of these bundles can be customized with exactly the video series you want.

So that’s it – you now have way more CHOICE than ever before. You can choose the peace of mind of always having the most up to date video tutorials being served to your website automatically and not have to worry about ever updating them… or you can choose to have more control over your costs and buying only those videos that you want to buy, and keeping them for as long as you want… forever if that works best for you.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to let me know. You can comment below, start a live chat on the website, or shoot me an email at info{at}

Now I have to get back to producing new videos… I’ve got the scripts already voiced and now just putting the finishing touches on:
– Outlook 2016 Email Series (10 videos)
– Windows 10 Mail Series (10 videos)
– phpMyAdmin 2018 Series (12 videos)

Watch for them to be released later this week, followed by more Spanish videos and other translation options 🙂


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