Windows 10 Mail Video Tutorials Now Available!

We’ve just released 10 brand new video tutorials in a new series for Windows 10 Mail. This new series has already been added to our Video Tutorials Library, and the videos are available for download by our members right now.

These videos are also available for purchase by non-members.

Here’s one of the videos in the series:

Note: The animated logo in the beginning will be replaced with YOUR OWN logo when you become a paid member. FREE members will instead see a 6 second ad for our services.

The video tutorials included in this new series are:
Configuring a POP email account in Windows 10 Mail
Configuring an IMAP email account in Windows 10 Mail
Configuring custom ports in Windows 10 Mail
Configuring your email signature in Windows 10 Mail
How to change your email password in Windows 10 Mail
How to create folders in Windows 10 Mail
How to delete folders in Windows 10 Mail
Setting up favorite folders in Windows 10 Mail
How to configure notification settings in Windows 10 Mail
How to delete an email account in Windows 10 Mail

Have a look and see if they’re something you’d like on your own website. We’ll brand them with your logo at the beginning of every video.

Existing DemoWolf PRO Members:
If you’re already a PRO Member, then you can login to your DemoWolf account, download the codes for these new videos and add them to your video library. Instructions on how to do this are in your members area.

Two ways to get our videos into your website:
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